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2020  by Painting with Light

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HYPERVSN is a fully, integrated system that allows you to create, manage and display 3D content, perceived as holograms floating in mid-air. The system uniquely combines the revolutionary HYPERVSN Device with the scalability of proprietary Pro Management Software into jaw dropping 3D visuals. The world around us is in 3D, your branding solutions should be too.


Groundbreaking 3D holographic display, generated by four individual LED rays to produce awe-inspiring
3D visuals that captivate audiences like never before.


Price including shipping within Belgium.


Size: 75 cm


HyperVSN - Large

  • Contact us for customization of the 3D software with your logo or message.

  • This feature adds:

    • Calendar module for the planning of your content on specific timings/dates
    • Uploading content from a distance
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