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Used Coolux Mediaservers in very good condition 


Product details


These items have been used on a touring production 


Coolux Server Pro Dual R3 (2016)


Intel Xeon CPU E5-2640 V2@2.00GHz (2processors) 

16GB RAM 29GB 

1.3TB HDD 

6x USB 2.0,

2x USB 3.0

1x SPDIF out 

2x Gigabit LAN 

4x Displayport video out (dual out)

4U 19'' rackmount 

Win 8.1 Pro


Flightcase ABS 6U Amptown


2 units available 

Price per unit 9.500 euros

Package options available:


1 workstation + 1 server Pro: 12.500 euro

2 workstation + 2 server Pro: 24.000 euro


Excl VAT - Warranty 14 days

Used Coolux Mediaservers in very good condition

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